Frequently asked questions

How do we customise the products ?

Our graphics are applied to transfer paper by digital printing and then fixed to the textile by sublimation.

What is sublimation ?

The printed paper is brought into contact with the polyester fabric using a transfer calender. Under the influence of pressure and heat (approx. 200 °C), the ink applied to the paper impregnates the textile carrier.

Does the number of colours influence the price ?

Thanks to the digital printing process, the number of colours has no influence on the price.

Is adding a name and/or number an additional cost ?

Adding names and numbers has an impact on the price of the product.

What materials are used ?

Our products are made of 100% polyester. To protect our environment we only use recycled polyester.

How do I customise my product ?

We offer a range of designs that you can customise with your club colours and personalise with graphics, names, numbers and logos. You can customise your outfit online with the PUMA Kit Factory.

What is the minimum order quantity ?

In order to offer you the best service, PUMA Kit Factory has a minimum order quantity of 100.

Are reorders possible ?

All your designs will be saved in your profile for you with no date restrictions.

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