Embrace Your Local Community

We’ve split this into five key areas:


Local schools or educational establishments often have their own playing fields, training pitches and changing facilities, so it’s well worth building up a relationship with them as they often lease out their facilities. And these are quite often good standard and not always utilised as much as local council facilities. Some successful grassroots clubs also provide coaching / football training sessions and this is a great way of attracting players and getting them to join your club, so it’s vital to build up these relationships and agreements.


Local sports clubs work in a similar way – often, for example, local cricket clubs will lease out or allow younger age football teams the use of their cricket pitches and facilities – not just for playing purposes but for holding functions such as fund raising events for your club or end of season awards, so it’s well worth building up a relationship with local sports clubs – it’s often as beneficial to the sports club as it will be for your football club.


If you’ve got playing facilities, why not lease these out or allow access to local community groups? As well as potential revenue for your club, proactive involvement with local community groups, even if it’s providing a recreational area or skateboard ramp, will help boost your application for acquiring funding.


If your club has ambitions to grow, acquire land to develop, need to hire pitches or training facilities, then if you aren’t already doing so, be proactive here and get to know not just your local facilities managers, but your local MP or councillor – it’s well worth it in the long run.


Whether you’re looking to attract new players, seek sponsors, or looking for grants and funding, a good presence in local press is essential. Appoint a person within your club specifically responsible for working with the local press.

5. Save On Kit And Equipment