Pre-season: shooting and finishing

Posted: July 12, 2017 by genesisv2

A goal keeper looking alert and ready to defend.

There’s no one way to play a football match in terms of style, but there’s only one way to win one; by scoring goals. It doesn’t matter what level you’re playing at, that’ll never change.

So why is it something that’s taken for granted? Some players may have natural instinct in them, but there’s no reason why that can’t be coached. It’s all about refining and repeating situations, and getting players to think more deliberately about their movements and ball placement.

Strikers are obviously the most likely to get a shot away, but as the modern game becomes more fluid and players get increasingly athletic, positional boundaries are blurring.


A common problem with training shooting and finishing is that the sessions can be slow, predictable and unimaginative. For your training to be truly effective, you’ll want to make shooting drills competitive, forcing your players to act under defensive pressure or against the clock.

The technical aspect’s also vital. Balls in the modern game often move in the air regardless of how they’re kicked, so play on that. Make things even more difficult for goalkeepers by encouraging a little extra ingenuity with the various ways to kick the ball. It’s also worth combining this with a variety of shooting positions.

Don’t let players mistake shooting drills for a fun way to finish a session, though. Remember, scoring is the most important part of football, so you’ll want to make sure they’re fresh and focused when training this side of things.

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