How To Approve Artwork When Customising A Kit

We have introduced a new feature to our website where a user only has to approve the artwork for a crest or logo once. Enabling repeat orders and top ups to be processed even faster. We have created this guide to help you through the process of uploading, approving or rejecting logo’s. Should you need any further assistance don’t hesitate to contact our Customer Services Team who will be more than happy to guide you through the process at any stage.

To start the customisation of your kit simply click the ‘Customise This’ button on the product page. This button is located both above the product image and below the product description.


The customisation screen will display 4 options

  1. Check Stock & Set Quantities
  2. Team Crest
  3. Sponsors/Badges
  4. Player Name & Number


To add a new crest click ‘Team Crest’ and then the ‘Upload Image’ icon


Click choose file and select the image of your crest from your computer. Then click upload.


On the next screen select which application type you want the crest to be and click ‘Use’


Repeat this process if required for any sponsors which you require adding to the garment.


Add to your team kit, complete any further customisation such as names and numbers and order your kit.


Once your kit has been ordered your artwork files will be sent to our design department to re-create a Hi-Res digital copy or embroidery disk if required.


You will receive an email to inform you that your artwork is ready for approval.


Simply follow the ‘View Artwork’ link in the email or log into your account at


Simply click the pulsating red alert in the top navigation to be directed to your artwork pending approval.


For all artwork types you will see the original file you uploaded and an artwork proof which our design department have created. If the artwork type is an embroidery you will also see a Swatch Preview which is an example of how the embroidery will look and a Runsheet – This displays all the colours used in the embroidery.


All of the images may be clicked to display a larger version for your inspection.

Once you have inspected the artwork you can Approve Artwork if you are happy with the proof or Reject & Comment.

If rejecting your artwork please add a detailed comment as to why the artwork did not meet your expectations. This will be passed through to our design team who will make the relevant amends to the artwork and resubmit it for your approval once again.


When all your artwork has been approved your artwork files will be available to use again in the future without having to approve them again. These can be found in ‘Your Approved Artwork’


When placing further orders using the same crest or logo, simply click ‘Your Image Library’ instead of ‘Upload Image’ and select your artwork from the approved artwork section.


Any future orders using approved artwork will bypass our design team and be directed straight into our branding unit. This will speed up the order process for repeat orders ensuring your get your new customised kit or training wear as quickly as possible.